Things You Should Know About Plantar Fasciitis And Treatments For This Condition

If you swing your feet out of bed and get ready to plant your feet on the floor in the morning and a sharp pain in your heel has you retreating back into bed, it could be that this symptom will lead to more pain like this each morning as you're getting out of bed. It may be a condition known as plantar fasciitis.

What Is Fasciitis?

There is a band of tissue that runs on the bottom of your feet from your heel to your toes. That is the plantar fascia. Fascia pain could materialize not only in your heel but also anywhere else on the bottom of your feet. It is responsible for absorbing shock when you walk. Without treatment, instances of inflamed or irritated fascia tissue can cause repetitive stress on the bottom of your feet. That could eventually lead to a fascia ligament tear, which would then increase pain every few steps that you take. Plantar fasciitis pain could also increasingly occur when you routinely exercise. That results in reduced proper support for the arch of your foot when plantar fasciitis kicks in.

Early Intervention By A Podiatrist

It is best for you to consult with a podiatrist as soon as you feel the symptoms of plantar fasciitis. Scheduling early treatment helps the podiatrist to evaluate your condition and review your medical history. He or she will inspect your feet to identify any signs of swelling or inflammation and signs that you avoid putting pressure on the injured area. If your podiatrist sees the possibility of a fracture, X-rays will be taken as well.

Treatment Of Plantar Fasciitis

Measurement of your pain is usually determined with the use of supportive orthotic devices. You could also be given stretching exercises and also anti-inflammatory medications that provide you with pain relief. Be aware that your own specified treatment depends on the findings of your particular symptoms.

Some patients do very well with physical therapy stretches, which strengthen your lower leg muscles and Achilles tendon. Ultrasound therapy and massaging applications are quite often used for successful long-term healing. Icing and resting the treatment area does help pain symptoms as well.

Cortisone And Surgery Method

Your pain level might be quite severe. In that case, cortisone injections may be used. The injections do lower pain symptoms. Very rarely will you require surgery for your plantar fascia problem, and the procedure is only performed when all other methods fail to successfully treat you. In that case, your plantar fascia will be detached from the heel bone to relieve extreme pain symptoms that are ongoing.

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