Are You Embarrassed About Having Toes That Are Too Long? 4 Signs That You Could Benefit From Cosmetic Toe Surgery

Your feet are a prominent part of your body that serves an essential purpose in helping you to get places that you need to go. While many people are embarrassed about the shape or size of their feet, you may feel like you have a valid concern. Toes that are too long are more than just an aesthetic issue. They can also begin to cause problems that are not always correctible through non-surgical means. If you've always wished that you could have your long toes shortened, then consider these four signs that you could benefit from cosmetic toe surgery.

You Have Difficulty Finding Shoes That Fit Right

You may have only one or two toes that are much longer than the others. This means that you often must make a decision to wear a shoe that either fit the longest toe or one that fits the rest but causes the excessively long toe to cramp up. Sadly, wearing ill-fitting shoes can lead to other issues such as difficulty walking with the proper posture that can eventually cause you to develop other aches and pains along your foot and spine.

Your Toes Hurt at The Tips or Have Calluses

A common problem people with long toes suffer is pain at the tips. This is caused by your toes rubbing against the edge of your shoes. If your toes are forced to bend into awkward positions, then you may also develop calluses and corns in the areas where they are exposed to friction. This is common to find along the joint of your toe where it rubs the top of your shoe.

You Frequently Suffer From Fungal Infections

Being embarrassed about the appearance of your feet may cause you to keep them covered, even when you are alone. However, feet need to be exposed to air to prevent moisture build-up that leads to fungal infections. If you wear shoes the majority of the day and experience reddened skin or a foul odor when you remove them, then you may have a fungal infection that could be helped by feeling comfortable enough to give your feet some air.

Your Toes Are Starting to Contract

One of the worst issues that can happen from having toes that are too long is what is called a hammertoe. This toe condition can occur when the muscles that support your toe in a straight position become permanently weakened by it being bent. You may have a hammertoe if yours stays consistently contracted when it is at rest. Your cosmetic toe surgery can help to prevent our long toe from developing this debilitating condition.

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