Foot Care Tips For Hot Weather

When the temperature and humidity levels rise, it is important to take care of yourself — and that includes taking care of your feet! If you want them to keep carrying you around through the hot summer weather, then you need to take steps to keep them healthy and strong. Here are some essential summer foot care tips to get you through.

1. Wear socks made from wool or another breathable fabric.

Cotton socks and summer do not go together! Cotton likes to absorb moisture and trap it against your skin, which will make you more prone to blisters. Although people like to think of wool as a winter material, wool socks are actually a smart choice for summer because they breathe so well and keep your feet dry. Technical synthetic fabrics and wool blends can also work well.

2. Wash your feet at the end of the day.

When you get home after a long, sweaty day in the heat, take the time to wash your feet as soon as possible. Use soap and water, and then let your feet air dry. This helps prevent fungal infections like athlete's foot, and it also helps ensure that if you do have any minor abrasions or blisters, they don't get infected. 

3. Stay hydrated.

When you get dehydrated, your feet may start to swell, which can lead to blisters and general discomfort. Make sure you sip water or an electrolyte beverage throughout the day to keep your fluid levels balanced. You can also eat more water-rich fruits, like watermelon, to help keep your hydration levels up.

4. Disinfect your shoes.

Purchase some disinfectant spray for shoes, and give them a good spray after every use. This helps kill bacteria and fungi so you don't develop infections. It should also help your feet stay less smelly.

5. Wear flip flips rather than going barefoot.

When the temperature rises, there can be a temptation to ditch the shoes and walk around barefoot. However, you may accidentally step on something sharp or walk over a hot surface that burns your feet. Switch to flip flops; it is a lot safer, as the bottom of your feet has some protection and the rest of your foot can breathe.

Summer is the season for barbecues and pool parties. Don't let it also be the season for sore feet! Follow the tips above to keep your feet safe.

To get more information on foot care, feel free to contact podiatrists to learn more.

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