Is Foot Reconstruction A Good Option For Flat Feet?

Early interventions for flat feet include treatments like braces and arch supports. However, if these corrections don't work, then a person with flat feet may experience muscle cramps and severe pain when walking. If you have flat feet, you may be wondering if reconstructive surgery would be a good option for you. Read on to learn about the different surgical options and the pros and cons of surgery.     

Which Surgeries Are Available to You?

There are dozens of surgical variations to correct flat feet, but here you will learn about a few common options, such as tendon surgery, double arthrodesis, medial displacement calcaneal osteotomy, and lateral column lengthening.

Tendon Surgery

Some people develop flat feet because they have a torn or thickened posterior tibial tendon. This tendon runs from the arch of your foot up towards your calf. During this procedure, your doctor may transfer a portion of another foot tendon to correct the tear. They may stretch the tendon to reduce any thickened areas of tissue. This type of surgery may be done on its own, but it is sometimes used in conjunction with other surgical options.

Double Arthrodesis (DAO)

If your flat feet are caused by arthritis, then DAO can be a good surgical option. During this procedure, your podiatrist will fuse joints together by removing cartilage and securing joints together with plates and screws. While you lose some flexibility in your feet from this procedure, you will eliminate the pain of flat feet since the joints will be braced from the fusion. 

Medial Displacement Calcaneal Osteotomy (MDCO)

During this surgery, the heel bone (calcaneal) is shifted to correct any alignment issues from your flat feet. The heel bone is then secured in place with plates and screws.

Lateral Column Lengthening (LCL)

LCL surgery is often done alongside MDCOs. During this surgery, your doctor will place a bone graft where the heel bone is cut to lengthen it.

What Are the Overall Pros and Cons of Surgery?

Obviously, the biggest benefit of surgery is that you will get permanent pain relief from flat feet. If your surgery is successful, you may not have to continue with ongoing treatments, like cortisone injections or physical therapy. Your quality of life can improve as you will restore mobility and can enjoy physical activity without pain. One study found that LCL, DAO, and MDCO are great surgical approaches, and patients who underwent these foot reconstructions saw significant improvements. While foot reconstruction surgeries have low-risk factors, every surgery comes with the risk of complications since you will be under anesthesia. Again, you should talk with your podiatrist to go over these risks. If you are in good health, besides your foot problems, the benefits may outweigh any possible complications. Another downside of surgery is also the extensive recovery time since you will need to be off your feet for several weeks or a couple of months. However, since you will get the great benefit of reducing or eliminating the pain of flat feet, this temporary recovery period may be worth it.

Reach out to a podiatrist in your area to learn more about foot reconstruction surgery.

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